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We are a full-service patient care facility and fabricator of custom designed and custom fit Prosthetic and Orthotic devices. 

We are independently owned, ABC Comprehensive O&P Accredited, and all of our practitioners are ABC Certified.

Founded in 1981, we have since restored the lives of thousands.  We believe in forming friendships with patients and creating customized devices with superior fit and comfort. 

Together the human spirit knows no limit.

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We have recently been trained in the patent-pending High-Fidelty (TM) Interface System by biodesigns. Maryland Orthotics & Prosthetics (MDOP) is the only facility in Maryland licensed to offer this amazing new technology. Patients report enhanced connectivity, superior performance, increased comfort, sub-ischial trim lines, reduced energy expenditure and a much lighter feeling prosthesis. Call today to schedule your complimentary evaluation.

Maryland Orthotics & Prosthetics Co. Inc.    Phone: 410-665-8200

Offices in Baltimore, Westminster, and Bel Air.

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