Prosthesis Custom Fabrication


No Limits

We strive to achieve the remarkable. We do not settle. We spare no effort or time in working with patients to achieve the absolute best custom designed prosthesis.

Each prosthesis we create is custom designed based on each individual patient. We work with patients to select prosthetic components based on needs, goals, and ability to restore lifestyle.

There are no limits to the prosthetic components our practitioners can use.

Practitioners present patients with componentry options. Our recommendations are only for high quality components, and are based on quality, function, our experience, and most importantly only what is absolutely best for our patients.



Our prostheses begin with a cast, taken by hand because it provides more anatomically realistic results than casting by computer. We take the extra time to hand-cast because hand-casting provides a more nuanced fit. It takes of years of experience to handcast well. We merge artistic and scientific skills for fitting utilizing the best method to provide quality and comfort in weight bearing conditions.

Custom Liners & Sockets

We use custom liners. While these liners take more time and skill to fabricate and fit, the outcome is far superior. We custom fit sockets. We take time to customize the socket fit, for the best fit and comfort. We have a state-of-the art on site fabrication facility, where we fabricate custom sockets and prostheses.

On Site Custom Fabrication

All fabrication is done at our on-site, state of the art, fabrication lab. We use the most advanced fabrication techniques available today, such as:

  • Carbon Fiber Sockets
  • Graphic Sockets
  • Custom, Ultra Life Like Prosthetic Covering

We use technology to provide comfort, stability, and superior ambulation. We use technology to enhance fit and treat pain. Technology is not used solely as a means of cutting corners or saving time. We are a beta test site for manufactures, and have access to the latest technology.



  • Otto Bock Genium/X3 Knee
  • Otto Bock Harmony Vacuum System
  • Otto Bock C-Leg
  • All Other Otto Bock Products
  • Limb Logic
  • Proprio Foot
  • Rheo Knee
  • Adaptive Knee
  • Helix Hip
  • Dynamic Arm
  • Revofit Adjustable Socket
  • KISS Technology
  • All Ossur Products
  • All Endolite Products
  • All College Park Products
  • All Freedom Products
  • SureStep
  • Plie Knee
  • E MAG Ottobock
  • MyoBoy Ottobock
  • Nu-FlexSiv Socket
  • Utah Arm
  • BIOM
  • HiFi Technology

Experience and Training

Our practitioners are continuously engaged in learning new methods and technologies. Additionally, our practitioners have the freedom to implement new technology.  We are experienced on a learning curve enough to teach doctors and therapists and we provide many inservice lessons to Baltimore and DC area hospitals.


KISS suspension, a patented prosthetic suspension system, was developed onsite. KISS has been adopted by hundreds of practitioners around the country, for its incredible ability to provide security when wearing a prosthesis. We use KISS and other suspension solutions.

Range of Ability

We are experienced with every range of ability such as pediatric, active, adult, geriatric. We are also experienced in fabricating and fitting every type of prosthesis.  Such as: Above Knee, Below Knee, Upper Extremity, Contracture