Prosthetics, Compassionate Care


Total Involvement

Our team approach is centered around our patients. We listen. We discuss. We involve patients by providing education and clear explanations. We arrange the time necessary to fully discuss options and possibilities.

We believe in family involvement. We welcome family to join you on your visit. We explain prosthetic concepts eagerly & easily to everyone. We believe the right choices are made by having access to as much information as possible.

We also foster a relationship of trust, as we become friends in the process of designing, fabricating, and fitting a prosthesis.

Expertise and Experience

All of our practitioners are ABC Certified and have graduated from Universities. Individually our practitioners have years of experience caring for patients and designing and fabricating custom prostheses.

Compassionate Care

We care for patients as friends. Appointments are tailored to fit our patient’s needs, and are not rushed.

Dedicated Availability

For emergencies, we have a prosthetist on call 24 hours / 7 days a week.

We are certified and/or licensed to provide:

  • Otto Bock Genium/X3 Knee
  • Otto Bock Harmony Vacuum System
  • Otto Bock C-Leg
  • All Other Otto Bock Products
  • Limb Logic
  • Proprio Foot
  • Rheo Knee
  • Adaptive Knee
  • Helix Hip
  • Dynamic Arm
  • Revofit Adjustable Socket
  • KISS Technology
  • All Ossur Products
  • All Endolite Products
  • All College Park Products
  • All Freedom Products
  • SureStep
  • Plie Knee
  • E MAG Ottobock
  • MyoBoy Ottobock
  • Nu-FlexSIV Socket
  • Utah Arm
  • BIOM
  • HiFi Technology