Prosthetics, Experienced Methodology



We have an open discussion with patients on their prosthesis, and educate patients prosthetic components. We show patients examples of components.


We form a close working relationship with doctors and therapists.

Restoring Lifestyles

We take a critical look at patient’s lifestyle and goals in designing and fabricating a prosthesis. For example, we were able to program a C-Leg knee to only bend a certain amount for a patient returning to work as a professional umpire.

The Stages of Care:



  • During our consultation we’ll discuss your goals, activities, passions
  • We’ll show videos of patients
  • We’ll discuss ability, and focus on matching technology with your ability and needs
  • You can tell us about your goals, and we’ll work together to set a realistic set of goals
  • We’ll explain what we think will work best
  • We will teach you about orthotics theory and types
  • We will make sure you have a thorough understanding of what we are suggesting and why
  • There is never any fee for a consultation

Measurement and Diagnostic Fit

  • We take measurements to fabricate a custom orthosis
  • We hand cast to ensure every detail is accounted for in the orthosis
  • Hand casting allows us to discover nuances not detectable by CAD/CAM scanning
  • We focus on maximizing comfort
  • We are skilled to fit highly complex cases


  • We custom fabricate in our state of the art facility
  • All custom orthoses are fabricated on site, all components are configured on site, and all custom orthoses are assembled on site
  • Our onsite fabrication facility, staffed by ABC Certified Orthotists allows us total control over the design and fit of your orthosis

Definitive Fit

  • Comfort and function are our two main goals at this step
  • We’ll make any adjustment necessary to ensure lasting comfort


We have helped thousands of patients achieve their goals. We believe fit, security, and comfort are the results of unrelenting dedication and effort.

We are certified and/or licensed to provide:

  • Otto Bock Genium/X3 Knee
  • Otto Bock Harmony Vacuum System
  • Otto Bock C-Leg
  • All Other Otto Bock Products
  • Limb Logic
  • Proprio Foot
  • Rheo Knee
  • Adaptive Knee
  • Helix Hip
  • Dynamic Arm
  • Revofit Adjustable Socket
  • KISS Technology
  • All Ossur Products
  • All Endolite Products
  • All College Park Products
  • All Freedom Products
  • SureStep
  • Plie Knee
  • E MAG Ottobock
  • MyoBoy Ottobock
  • Nu-FlexSIV Socket
  • Utah Arm
  • BIOM
  • HiFi Technology